Food photography is more than just the food pictures
It's a great marketing key that helps increase sales and the number of new customers. Food photography can help you …

It's a great marketing key that helps increase sales and the number of new customers. Food photography can help you stand out from your competitors. It can be one of the main reasons why customers choose or think of your restaurant, store or product every time they feel the hunger pangs.

Great photography creates a great first impression

In a competitive environment, it's not enough to just offer delicious food. No matter what you're serving or selling: There's always a competitor around the corner.

That's why it's important to draw the attention of your potential customer. Food photography can appeal to consumers' emotions and make the stop, look and taste. Usually, this is an action that the human body cannot ignore! The right delicious photo on the homepage of your website can increase your traffic.

According to survey, a person remembers only 10% of the information read or heard. However, this number changes to a whopping 65% when the information is paired with a relevant image. Most customers use various mobile apps, social media, and Google to make their dining or product decisions.

If your website visitors can read your menu or offers, but can't see them, how do they know they've found the right place?


Customers want to know what they are spending their money on

When it comes to food, customers are generally very picky. If you have pictures that show exactly what your customers can expect when they order, they will feel much more comfortable ordering. There's a chance people will try new dishes/products or order more.

How will you appeal to international customers who may not speak your language? Or maybe the customers forgot their reading glasses at home. Are you the owner of a restaurant with national exotic cuisine? How will you explain what the dish/product looks like. The answer is simple - with pictures. I say more: when people are hungry, they look at pictures, not at prices.

How food photography can help gastronomy:

  1. You can showcase weekly, monthly or seasonal specials.
  2. Posting food pictures and events regularly is one way to draw your customers' attention.
  3. Food photography is a wonderful way for restaurants to highlight the chef's work by showing off the art of the food. Or have dishes that your restaurant and chef are known for.
  4. Food menu with pictures simplifies the ordering process and saves time for customers and restaurant staff.
  5. Food photo is a great option if you have certain dishes/products that are strategic to increase customer traffic.

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